March 2018

7 Guilt Food You Must Avoid During Exam Times

We have talked a lot about the foods which help in sharpening the memory and countering their stress during the exam. In this blog, we will talk about the foods that you must avoid to make sure that their brain performs optimally. We endeavor to support Smart parenting so that you can contribute to making a good citizen of tomorrow and a unique kid of today.

1. The fried food

Smart Parenting

10 Tips To Become Fantastic A Parent

PlayPlay encourages parents to share your ideas and nurture your community. Use our platform, and FB page to connect and exchange ideas with other parents. In today's blog, we're sharing tips to become a fantastic parent

1. Lead by example

Whether it’s limiting your screen time or respecting the partner, begin with self.

2. Put yourself in their shoes

Smart Parenting
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Selecting Age-Based Toys for Kids


Play Play takes pride in introducing topics which help the struggling parents to transform into smart parents. With insights on parenting, tips on practical aspects of teaching, and few ideas are related to the holistic growth of kids, in consultation with experts, yoga trainers, and child psychologists, we also curate the content and bring out the meaningful resource to #smart #parents.

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