Play Time Tips

How to have fun with Building Blocks

We have put together few playtime tips while listing these block activities using common blocks that are found in most homes such as – Play Play’s Sluban bricks, LEGOs, wooden blocks and many more. Blocks are a staple in most households, having 6-10 year olds or even younger children. Building blocks appeal to both young and adults, alike. They’re a lot of fun! You must let the imagination flow while keeping these tips in mind and learning new things will come just as a side effect (a really nice one, right? :))


Play Time Tip #1

You have big, small and giant building blocks, so create a game of comparisons

Which is bigger? Which is smaller? Are they anyhow different? Make the difference even more significant by asking your kid, so that they can describe and talk about it. Once the difference is clear, you can help them create miniature objects while identifying with what’s lying in your living room, perhaps. This identification with small and big real life objects can make creation a very awesome exercise.



Play Time Tip #2

Stick to Patterns

You can build something vertically or horizontally and ask your child to re-create the same object or the other way around - you can try repeating your kid! Diversification of block play will let your kid build freely and it will fuel their imagination. You can ask them to create standing lines, sleeping lines and then move on to create English alphabets.  Sticking to patters is a useful skill to master.


Play Time Tip #3

Encourage Simple Cooperative Construction Projects

Kids become friendlier and more socially-savvy when they work on cooperative construction projects. However, you have to make sure that you let them create simple buildings first, that too as a group activity. For example, creating a cart or a simple hut with their friends will inculcate team work skills in your kids at a very early age. They will also identify well with the external environment.





Play Time Tip #4

Choose an affordable building bricks brand

There is a lot of building toy bricks available, and most of them are quite expensive. It is important that you have a complete range with you, which your kid can lay his hands on. There is no point in having an expensive yet incomplete building block set with you. Therefore, you can try out some compatible building toy bricks that can seamlessly fit in your existing set. There is no risk of experimentation as the affordable sets are equally good in terms of quality and endurance.



Play Time Tip #5

Age Wise Analysis

You must consider the number of blocks you are giving your kid to play with, as per their age. Building blocks for younger kids should have less quantity than older kids. While building blocks recommendation for 4 year old kids is 60 to 80 blocks, 5 to 8 year olds can play with 80 to 100 pieces. And for 9 year old kids and up, it is okay if they want play with large building sets with more than 100 blocks.



Play Time Tip #6

A little music on the way

Construction of complex structures may wear down your kid’s mood, and it is important that you set the ambience right. You can choose to play a nice music track while they are on the job. Music helps in relaxation and rejuvenation making mini breaks really interesting. The kids should not think that the process of interlocking bricks is getting heavy on their head. So, keep it light, while you can.




With the above playtime tips, your kid will grow not only as a better performer, but they will acquaint themselves with the basics of ‘creation’ during their formative years. Building blocks play offers a host of benefits that improve your kid’s imagination, creativity, spatial skills, motor skills, social skills, general knowledge and much more. All you need to do is get involved with them at each stage, to see them shine everyday-quite like the rising sun. Be a part of their world, it really is a pleasant one.

Happy Building!

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