Discover the Unique Strengths Of Your Child This Summer

In the age of assembly line manufacturing, we have forgotten what has been intrinsic to humanity, the uniqueness and it starts with the child. Philosophers, Socialists, and visionaries have spoken about it. They have spoken about the uniqueness of each child. Although in the process of educating them we comfortably forget this quality in our child.

During this summer vacation, we encourage you to discover the unique qualities of your children. Here we are suggesting few points that will help you discover their strengths, bond with your child at a deeper level and help your child to nurture his or her unique qualities.

It starts with acceptance

Agreement to the fact that your child is unique is the basis that starts the series of activities. Though the situation, the society, and too much emphasis on academics may not be helping here, still we have to accept the uniqueness. This acceptance will form the basis to explore the hidden qualities of our child. Unfortunately, the schooling system normally encourages the common measures to evaluate the academic learning primarily. The grading pattern sometimes fails to identify various aptitudes like kinesthetic, auditory, visual, olfactory, and gustatory personality or make the possibility of multiple multidisciplinary personalities. We will have two when we accept then it leads to discovery.

It is important to notice that none of the traits is superior or inferior. It is not about right or wrong or inferior or better or good or better. While accepting their uniqueness, we also have to understand and accept that all are same. Excellence is not dependent on stream success or wonder wonderful life is not dependent on a select dependent on choosing the right thing it is dependent on excellence with and purity with which any stream is chosen.

Discovering the unique qualities

There are various ways to discover the unique strengths of an attitude of your child. By observing their activities, the selection of their toys will help you find out what and what is his or her interest. Selection of toys is a very good means to find out a child’s certain attitude. For example, the kids who love automobile, cars, planes are born with strong rotary and motory skills. They will be interested in games related to toy cars, racing cars, sports cars, block games of Formula racing, etc. Kids who love toys like natural structures, farmhouses, gardening are nature lovers, they will do best when they are given freedom to connect with stay connected with nature. Similarly, kids who love fighter planes, tanks, firefighting vehicles are the actual lovers those who are born with what blessed with heroic traits.

Nurture the discovery

Nurturing the child’s uniqueness starts with acceptance, and then leads to discovery. After you discover the uniqueness, you need to nurture it further. Once you discover the unique strength, do take every effort to groom those qualities. Whether it is the love of nature, love for the engineering activities construction work, or sports biking, or singing or dancing or any other activity. Ensure that you provide sufficient environment, relevant games to nurture that aptitude of your kid.

Acknowledgment and appreciation will also help in nurturing the unique gifts of your child. As the parent, or teacher or the guardian, you are the first one to witness the qualities of your child. Once you come across any such unique quality, do acknowledge it and take every effort to groom it further.

Grow your community

Just like your child has got unique qualities every child is unique. And that is why you have to come out and support the other child as well. It makes way for co-creating a conducive, harmonious space where every child feels welcome, appreciated and acknowledged. PlayPlay proudly supports such community and plays its part by bringing toys that nurture the uniqueness of child. Presenting the theme based block toys to kids is one such innovative initiative of PlayPlay.

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