Selecting Age-Based Toys for Kids


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In two days blocks, we are presenting information on age-based toys. For ease of understanding, we are categorizing the toys into five broad age groups.

Between the 0 to 3 years: The early years

The early years is a time for more development of motor skills and rotary skills. The end of first of three years the baby explores the toys using all its senses. It touches, smells, like the tingling sound and taste. Most of the things that it sees as bright colorful it gets attracted to it. Colorful, harmless plastic balls which kids can hold, soft washable and colorful animals, and toys large blocks which it can pick can be suggested.

Caution: Make sure to keep the sharp edges are toys electronic toys from the reach of children. You must avoid toys with tiny parts keeping in mind the choking hazards.

Kids of 3 to 6 years of age

In this age children can be provided with puzzles, construction sets with large pieces such as Lego toys are Sluban with big blocks. The happy part The Happy Farm theme based block toys and block toys from Amusement Park toys will help a lot in developing their understanding of the environment.

At this age kids develop and explore outdoor surroundings. So along with toys props and accessories such as balls, basketballs, bicycles and big wheels will help the kids immensely.


Six years to eight years.  

Children in this age become open to exploration. They start asking a question and try to simulate in detail what the object in their surroundings. They like to copy parents, their office going, and their behavior. And this is remote controlled cars, puzzles, puzzles with mini mediate level of difficulty, block toys, soft toys are toys with detailing, and full body toy can be offered. Besides the block toys, different types of puzzles and board games too can be a very good idea.

Eight years to 12 years

In this age bracket, kids have developed rotary skills, motor skills, spatial skills and behavioral skills. This is the time to perfect these skills. They are also very much ready to experiment with the cooperative play. Along with the in this is Block toy games with an intermediate and advanced level of complexity will help them. Science kid, the project, advanced puzzles, and video games model kits, and is Scrabble, will help them.

Teenaged child and above

They can be offered the same toys which they feel are related to. In fact, psychologists believe that there is no upper age of playing with toys. It releases the toxic hormones and relaxes our mind. So apart from the theme based building block toys which are offered by Sluban kids can also play and experiment with main action figurines, mini figurines, artifacts and toys which reminds always remind them of their sweet childhood.



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