Why Must Chennai School’s Homework for Parents Interest You?

This summer, the students of this Annai Violet School from Chennai are in for a sweet surprise. Guess what? No homework for them, at all! What is more surprising is that the parents instead have been handed over homework they are supposed to do.

Before we talk about the reason why let us look at some of the homework advised for the parents instead.

Its holiday assignment for parents advised the parents to

  • Have meals together, share the importance of farmers’ hard work and to respect food.
  • Encourage kids to wash their own plates
  • Encourage them to help you in cooking and making foods like vegetable salads and fruit salads
  • Encourage them to adopt a pet
  • Let them play outdoors, to connect with neighbors.
  • Partake activities that create lasting memories for them.
  • Avoid electronic gadgets, TV, mobiles usage, rather spend quality time with them.

This is such a sweet gesture by the school and it is very important for every school to emulate and parents to follow this advice. Normally, in holidays parents are busy engaging kids to contain their nuisances. They have accepted loads of homework assigned by the schools to finish during the holidays.

Ideas for total entertainment during holidays

However, for the overall personality development, it is equally important for a kid to indulge in activities that entertain them. There are some toys especially for children of 6 years of age and above which keep them engaged and encourage them to understand the different concept, and skill set while playing.

Optimize Summer Holidays

A building blocks toys based game is one such excellent option. There are various aptitude based block games which nurture’s a child’s rotory skills, motor skills, cognitive skills, eye-and-hand coordination.

  • Traveling

Traveling with family creates lasting memories for a child and it is a source of treasure when it grows up. Plan your long travel in advance, with family. You don’t need to spend much, carry a water bottle, lots of fruits, buy from local shops, street vendors. Let them shop and interact with fruit sellers. Every activity will add up.

  • Go for a short trip

A day’s outing can also be planned. If you make a little planning, carry your food and water, you won’t have to spend much. Also, don’t forget to carry a cotton bag, to avoid collecting unnecessary plastic bags on the way.

  • Toy cars and block train

Block Toys from Sluban

Once you are home, you can get toy cars or block trains which rekindles your child’s travel memories. Whether it is going outside or playing indoors, volunteer and play with them. Parents company in the play is a great source of motivation and cheerful memories for them. Do share with us in the comment section below, what else you think will help in making your child’s summer vacation an adventurous one.

building blocks for kids