History of Sluban Bricks and what’s in store for toy brick lovers

Where does the name Sluban come from and how old is it?

You see these big company names each and every day, but do you know what they actually mean? Because of their success, these company names are very familiar to us, but most of them have hidden meanings behind their peculiar names. Although, inspirations for company names can be as varied as the founders themselves. One such brand is Sluban, manufacturer of high quality building block toy bricks which is compatible with other brick brands. Sluban has carved a niche for itself in the branded toys segment and meets global quality and safety standards in its product line. The variety of product themes offers many hours of fun for both boys and girls! The name ‘Sluban’ is synonymous with the path that symbolizes beauty, harmony, perfection, family, love and responsibility. It was coined to inculcate the idea of ‘togetherness with family’ in new age parents and kids. The toys aim at ‘Smart Learning’ for kids in a ‘Fun’ and ‘Creative’ way, and all this during quality family hours. Sluban enjoys a global presence and is one of the best selling toy brands in over 150 countries. The brand was established in the year 2004 and hails from Hongkong.


Meet Sluban

He is a smart kid who keeps taking magical trips to the universe of toy bricks. He is also a master builder who uses his creativity to create towns, kingdoms, farms, war ships and what not! Mr. Sluban loves to take on challenges and his grey cells multiply when he is in a mode of creation. Infused with fantasy, fun and creativity, Mr. Sluban gives you numerous toy brick themes that will take you on a fun ride. He is a must have in your ‘toy shelf’






History of Iconic Designs

Sluban has stayed famous for its various sets modeled after all sorts of iconic war machinery. Their most famous product was a giant model of a warship called ‘Liaoning’. The model was on display in a shopping mall in the great city of Shenyang in Liaoning Province. The builders used 440.000 bricks and the job took 180 days. The 9.2 meter Liaoning was fitted with lights and speakers for sound effects where it was being showcased. What a heady mix of passion and creativity! There were a host of other models that were created using Sluban bricks and which the on lookers found really hard to miss.

Backed by brilliant brick makers and designers who are adept in creating masterpieces, Sluban has now become an inspiration for all indoor game enthusiasts. Lot of parent(s) from around the globe simply love the brand, as it is available at affordable prices compared to other brick brands. ‘Toy Bricks’ are known to bring numerous emotional benefits to kids, and Sluban has greatly harnessed their potential making them accessible to majority of consumers. Playing with Sluban bricks truly nurtures a kid’s mind, given the huge range the brands offers. It is indeed an impeccable brand that has mastered the territory of educational toys.

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