What can kids learn from festivals?

Today it is the culmination of fasting of the holy month of Ramadan, and the beginning of one of the most cherished festivals in India and all over the world, Eid-ul-fitr. It will mark the end of the month-long fasting resulting in feast and celebration. This festival gives the message of love, generosity, and penance. Starting with Eid, we are sharing the list of festivals which inspire us to lead a virtual, pious life.  



This festival is the Festival of penance, austerity, and generosity. It not just it is the default on and in the ninth month of Muslim calendar and starts in the month of Ramadan the siting of a crescent moon. People observe fast during the day, and at the end of this festival, everything age shared and distributed with not just the relatives but also with poor. It is a ritual to give kids exciting gift of toys, sweets and goodies as Eidi.


Diwali is the festival which celebrates the homecoming of Lord Ram to his kingdom Ayodhya. It is the festival light and one of is one of the most cherished festivals, which is observed celebrate the victory of good over evil. This festival too is celebrated all over the world by exchanging sweets, gifts and helping those who are in need. Diwali too calls for gifts, toys, and sweets to children, and seek blessings from elders.

Dussehra Puja

Dussehra Puja is observed as worship of deity Durga, the Goddess from Hindu mythology. In Indian culture, the goddesses have a significant place, and this too is practiced by observing nine days fast and feast on the 10th day. Worshipping the baby girls, as Kumaris, the Kanyas or the goddess incarnate is one of the main rituals which teach us to respect women. It is the most popular in the state of West Bengal.


This festival is celebrated all over the world in one form or the other wherein the participants use colours, fruits, vegetable vegetables and they and eventful are, and they apply it on each other’s face and wish one another the good fortune. It inspires people to do good, and engage in righteous acts.


This festival is celebrated all over the world to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who is worshipped as the messenger of God. This festival talks about love, and simplicity and like Eid Chistmas too conveys the message of brotherhood and peace.


Every month for celebration!

India is the country of festivals and every month there is one or the other festival including Shivaratri, Krishnashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi which is very popular in Maharashtra, Pongal and Onam in South, Bihu in North-east is celebrated with much fanfare in India.

India is the land of festivals, and in this land multicultural land, every month some or the other festival is observed, and it establishes our faith and good deed, sharing, giving to others, and spreading the love. Celebrate Eid and wish your friends. Do share with us your childhood memories of the festivals you relate to. Five of the entries will win an exciting gift pack.  



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