7 Guilt Food You Must Avoid During Exam Times

We have talked a lot about the foods which help in sharpening the memory and countering their stress during the exam. In this blog, we will talk about the foods that you must avoid to make sure that their brain performs optimally. We endeavor to support Smart parenting so that you can contribute to making a good citizen of tomorrow and a unique kid of today.

1. The fried food

In the list of avoidable food, the fried food comes on top because it takes too much time to digest and it makes the brain lethargic. Avoid anything fried during exam time.

2. Avoid packaged food

Packaged food is laden with chemicals and preservatives which are added to prolong the shelf life. These chemicals get absorbed by the body, and it becomes very difficult to throw them out of the body. During the taxing time or when the body’s vulnerability gets high then these residues start taking its toll on our body. So it is best to avoid packaged food or to keep it to the minimum.

3. Avoid street food

The street food can be a very exciting trigger or a goat benching but not during the examination time. Once it can be okay when we take care of the hygiene at least we take the basic care. But it is a strict no during the examination time. Because it is very difficult to a certain the quality of the food, you get on the street. So they are best to be avoided when your kid is running out of reserve energy.

4. Avoid sugar

Sugar gives a kick but also takes its toll on the body. The sugar we normally have, or that is there in the chocolate is simple sugar, is the form of carb which gets easily into the blood keeping the body alert. Prolonged usage further accelerates the restlessness which the brain experiences during the taxing time. You can replace them with foods that contain complex sugar such as fruits and raw vegetables.

5. Say no to aerated drinks or soft drinks

In all the drinks sugar is essential ingredient apart from soda and other preservatives. When the body is keeping fit and is at its best, it can forgo the harms of these drinks. But we are not paying attention to our rest or sleeps then these drinks start affecting our body. It is because of this effect most of the schools in the West have banned soft drinks completely from their school canteens. It should be a complete NO during the exams.

6. Avoid extreme food

Avoid food which is very spicy, pungent, bitter, salty or sugary. Extreme of anything interest or food during the exam is not good.

7. Avoid extremely hot and cold food

Our body doesn't have a temperature regulator. So try to have the food at the body temperature which is 98° F or 37° C. Anything which is colder or hotter than this temperature is first converted to that temperature which further drains the energy. Even the cold drinks and must be avoided because it delays the digestion. 

If you find these ideas effective do share with your with your friends. Also, share with us what preventive food strategies you adapt to make sure that your kids don't fall sick and remain healthy during exam time. Your comments are welcome.

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