Best Food To Support Memory And Wellness, During The Exams

Best Food To Support Memory And Wellness, During The Exams

We all know examination time is taxing time for everyone who is involved. From patterns, teachers to kids the pressure that gets created in the environment is very difficult to manage. Apart from resorting to the mind relieving techniques and some yogic asanas, it will also be useful if we know there are foods which can help us counter the stress. There are foods which can also support the health and the body and also the most prominently the mind to do well. Let's talk about the compiled list of foods which helps in keeping the mind cool and perform better in exams not just in academics but also in life.

Enjoy the Fruitful Study, Literally!

The First On The List, Is Fruits. Fruits are visually appealing. Because of its different colors, they attract the kids easily. And the best part of them is they are easily palatable. A child can connect with the colors. And there are foods which can infuse chemicals in the brain which helps in stress managing.

Rely on Banana

Banana is one of the most nutritious foods. Bananas contain Vitamin B6, manganese and protein, and Vitamin C. Vitamin B6 and C both promote better brain health. If we can have good quality banana without any pesticide which is used to before ripening it is rich in antioxidant and chemical which helps the brain supports the brain activity.

Eat Berries & Make Merry  

Berries are rich in vitamin C and essential nutrients required for the brain to optimally perform. Besides giving releasing oxygen to the brain, it also helps in making the body's immune to diseases. Because of the stress level, the body becomes vulnerable to germs and bacteria. A lack of rest adds to the problem. Resorting to this food will help.

Chew Well To Do Well

That's right. When we eat any food by giving sufficient time in choosing the food well, and when we break the food particles evenly, we also give sufficient time for our mouth enzymes that are released in the mouth to mix with the food particles and help in easy digestion. When the food gets digested easily put less pressure on the stomach and ultimate eventually it makes us feel less lethargic after food. Ideally, we should chew the food 25 to 30 times. Practically at least encourage kids and let's be mindful while we have our food.

Hurry Leads to worry

Try not to have food in haste. While in every religion there is reachable to thank God or nature and pray and bless the food. Its holistic or its religious significance may not be common for all, but it has the positive connotation definitely. The idea is to encourage people to have food with faith and joy. When we are in haste, we tend to avoid good things the taste and good effect the food can have on our body. So and before you can pass it on this habit to the kid, it is also very important to start yourself.

Should we also mention that before we expect the chill that your kid to pay attention while they are eating you start with yourself you start implementing, you set the example first.

Respect the Fiber Saviours

Eat sufficient quantity of colorful salad. Add different colors to your platter. It is a good idea to the world Food for world health organization or different in different countries there are defined food platter which includes colorful vegetables. Each color compensates our compliments certain white beans and nutrients which is required by the body to remove the toxins from body and brain. Don't forget to eat it in plenty.

Make use of herbs having calming characteristics

There are many herbs in India including Shankhpushpi, Brahmi, and Vacha that have a calming effect on the brain. There are herbs like Ashwagandha and Makardhwaj which also improves vitality. These are said to have a very cooling effect on the brain. A cold drink or simple drink made out of these herbs will immensely help your kid to beat the examination blues. A drink made by adding little sugar or salt, one of these herbs and some of the Indian spices like Tulsi will help in calming down the mental and physical exhaustion. It helps in a relaxing the mind. Which ultimately helps in performing better.

Food for Thought

Need we say more? Mind needs exercise and playing games; building blocks are some of the activities that help in toning up the mind immensely. However, while choosing the recreational activities, try to refrain from mobiles or toons on TV as it affects the relaxing pattern, especially young children. Outdoor games, building block games and puzzles help them to keep their mind active and energized during the exams.

Do share with us (in the comment section below), what you do additionally to boost your child’s memory.

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