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Help your kids move from idiot box to innovative box

Before we start discussing ways to facilitate this move let us explain why it is important. The child experts say that TV is increasingly affecting the learning pattern of kids. Even that pattern is not alarming but the fact that it is not just the learning pattern, but it is affecting the overall lifestyle of kid. While watching the TV, they remain seated in an uncomfortable position for long. They keep gazing at the TV, or smartphone screen constantly. More exposure to electronic devices especially the screen absorbs the melatonin it affects the secretion of this hormone. As a result children of even young age have started experiencing a problem with quality sleep. There has been a decrease in their sleep quality and duration, taking a big toll on mental as well as physical health. The effect on this lifestyle has also negatively impacted the creativity in children. There has been much scientific research to support the effects of this screen time and idiot box on the kids. It is the reason why it is important to facilitate their move from the transition from the idiot box.

What are the options?

The questions at the options are aplenty. We just need to open up and look around us. We cannot stop the children from doing anything until we offer something better, and engaging as a suitable replacement. So there are meaningful toys, puzzles and numerous set of activities that can be used to engage the kid. Building blocks can play a pivotal role and serve as the effective option. The packet of the box is complete the packet box offered by Sluban age theme based and offers various real-life scenario inspired games. It nurtures the creativity and also lets the children experiment. These blocks are innovative in so many ways. These are gender neutral, and by clubbing different tiny blocks, you can create a meaningful structure that can help you learn complex concepts of Science and Mathematics in a playful manner.

How block toys can help them in their transition

In this context, block toys can be of great help. Block toys brand Sluban offers them what is suitable to their aptitude. There is a variety of aptitude based themes which will interest kids. Let them play, assemble blocks and build meaningful structures. There are themes such as Town theme and Girls’ Dream theme which will appeal to kids who are interested in arts, and creative pursuits. Formula one theme, Army theme, and Space theme will appeal to kids who love sports, adventure and high on activity tasks.

Because kids love cooperative play

It's true that when you stop the kid from doing something you should also win when you tell the kid not to do something you should also make sure to remind him or her about what to do instead. You can provide them with options. Don't do this don't do that and don't go outside don't shout out loud always stopping them from doing something makes them rebellious. A good way to engage is to start offering options from your end. It will require patience and perseverance. Start focusing on start adding what all you can offer as to do things.

The innovative box can also be toy car or a set of blocks which shows the movement. Anything which can let the kids move from one position to other position in a linear manner is worthy to be owned. It encourages kids to explore. In this regard, the other options like Modarri and RC block toys come into play. Do share your ideas in the comment section below that can help kids make a transition from the idiot box to the innovative box.

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