About us

Playplay Toys brand has been in the toys business for over five years, and with the trust, its customers have vested with the brand has led to its phenomenal success in such a short span. It is because of the trust and endorsement of the customers especially the parents, Playplay Toys have been able to expand its collection of toys beyond building blocks to include wooden toys, Mechanical toys and much more to come. The brand always focuses on reasonable pricing which has been one of the key factors to appeal aspiring parents to shop for Playplay Toys. Now fulfill your child’s wishes and gift them the best toys that also serve as tools for their creativity, that too without spending much.


We are happy to get a new brand(Modarri) in our family, And we believe this will help the children to improve their motor skills. Here are some of its key features:


Modarri is the leading innovative toys brand from the US which offers exciting car toys easy to play with and fun to assemble. The brand offers fully configurable toy car that offers the excellent tools of creativity to your kids. These toys are available in different models appealing to sport lover kids. An array of colors, designs, and models under this brand makes it one of the most sought after toy car companies in the world.


Modarri is driven by the vision of creating thoughtful toys that offer hours of joy and simulative learning experience to kids and adults alike. This US brand offers a million ways of assembling car letting the user come up with their unique car concepts. Another interesting aspect of this brand is its appeal to all age groups.


Innovative and quick to assemble car parts are made in a way that the screws meant to join two different parts don’t fall out easily. Also, the number of these parts is kept minimum so that the toy users don’t have to worry about losing a toy part. These toys are made of high-quality plastic which is anti-allergic, fully safe for children and extremely durable. Open a world of playful opportunities for your child with Modarri’s toys car online brought to you by Play-Play.