Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy mentioned below  your use of website (inclusive of the mobile version) and the collection, transfer, use and processing of information by Playplay toys management. With your use of this website, you oblige to agree with all regards to the privacy policy mentioned below.

Information collected by us.

IP address and domain name – Whenever a user visits our website- our servers collect information such as the IP address and the domain name of the visitor.

Registration: For further use of our offerings, you will have to register to our website, for registration you will be asked to provide your personal information such as the Email Id, Address, Mobile number and some more personal information. The purpose of collecting this information is primarily to make our interaction with you trustable and secure. By all means a user can refrain from providing this information for registration, in which case the user will not be registered for more services from playplayin. For Statistical information gathering purpose we would need to gather some statistical information, based on the number of users that have visited our website and so on. This kind of information could include IP addresses, browser brand, operating system, viewed pages, number of sessions, unique visitors and many more. All information that we collect from you for your access to our website henceforth will be referred to as collected information.

How we may use Information

We use information collected from you for marketing and promotional efforts, for reasons such as improving our content and offerings, and customize the site layout for better and safer usage. Registration information collected from you may be used to provide you with some additional services based on your interest and information provided to us. Statistical information helps us further refine and fine tune our website for better use by our visitors, for instance compatibility of the browser with our website, operating system effect on our website and so forth.

Disclosure of Information

Playplay toys holds the sole discretion to publish any complaints, penalties and actions against faulty users. We further hold the rights to disclose the information provided by you to legal authorities in case of any case against you by us. We further hold the rights to disclose collected information in response to any valid judicial order, such cases will be reasonably validated by our privacy department. In cases where we believe that the user is in breach of our terms and conditions we reserve the right to complaint and raise a case of concern against your actions to the legal authorities that we choose to deal with the user.

Cookies: We may use cookies to store specific information about you and track your visits to our website-www.playplayin, this process is commonly deployed by all major websites to enhance their identification of user preferences. A “Cookie” is data that is sent to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive. If you do not clear your cookies in regular intervals, our web servers will be notified of your visit to our site and in turn we would have the details of your visit.

Security Measures

Our Website complies with the maximum possible security adherence available to the time of writing this Policy, we have reasonably good secure systems to prevent unauthorized access to our website However, data transmission over the internet or any other wireless network cannot be guaranteed to safety. Hence we can only promise to hold you data to maximum safety but not confirmed safe keeping.

Changes to Privacy policy

Any changes to our Privacy policy will be communicated to you by all means possible. In such case all the information that had been collected earlier to the change in policy would continue to do so under the changed policy. In case you wish not to be governed by the newer or updated policy statements, we request you to communicate your disagreement with policy so that we could return/destroy all information collected from you.


Playplay toys welcomes your feedback and suggestions in good intentions to make your use of our website and services better. You may send us your feedback/suggestions at our email address